Working on a New Theme

I’ve got my hands on a truly awesome WordPress theme, I’ve seen some of the sites created on it and they are real works of art. But it’s not a simple theme to use, although methinks that once I’ve got more experienced with it then I’ll be wondering what I moaning about.

In the past I have a bad record of buying themes and just diving straight in without taking the time to go through all of the tutorials, and as a result I never reaped the benefit of them. This time I’m doing it properly and have just finished of going through around 40 tutorial videos.

One of my health complications is pernicious anaemia, a fun thing that does so love to make me tired. Pernicious Anaemia is controlled by quarterly injections of vitamin B12 and it’s FINALLY nearly time for my next shot. To put it mildly I’m tired which resulted in my going through a serious battle with my willpower in trying to  go through them all.

Famous last words but I think that I know what I’m doing, that at least is the theory, and the first site that I’ll be installing it on is because I really need to do something to boost sales of the mag.

I’m still not sure what theme I’ll use for this site or how it will develop, but I’ll get there, in the end 🙂

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